Premium Organics Coconut Butter Massage Oil Candles

If you've been obsessing about our poi bowl and coconut shell soy candles, you're going to love our Premium Organic candles with coconut butter!

These candles double as massage oil when lit, providing the ultimate moisturizing with organic coconut butter!

-Hand poured with 100% US soy and organic coconut butter for a beautiful finish and even burn

-Stronger, longer and cleaner burning than paraffin and beeswax candles

-Free of petroleum and rainforest depleting palm wax

-Biodegradable and less likely to trigger allergies

-Handmade in Hawaii with 100% vegan ingredients and Bungalow Glow’s exclusive fragrance blend with natural and essential oil

Up to 30 hours of burn time when burned no longer than 30 hours at a time.

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