Acacia Wood Poi Bowl Candles

Imagine... A seaside bungalow on a moonlit Hawaiian night. The cooling trade winds swirl in the eclectic aroma of all things tropical and exotic. This far off fantasy becomes an instant reality when enjoying paradise-inspired soy wax candles by Bungalow Glow.

-Handmade in Hawaii with 100% US soy wax and tropical oils for a beautiful finish and even burn

-Our natural soy candles are stronger, longer and cleaner burning than paraffin and beeswax candles

-Includes natural essential oils and gentle, phthalate-free fragrances (The benefit: Strong smelling but less likely to trigger allergies)


Each poi bowl is made from solid acacia wood and can be re-used to store your special treasures. Poi, the traditional Hawaiian staple food, is made from taro root that has been steamed or boiled. Pounded to a paste, it is served in a fairly liquid state, often slightly fermented.

Burns approximately 30-40 hours when burned no longer than four hours at a time

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