Lick Me Lilikoi Loofah Soap


You'll be tempted to give it a lick when exfoliating away with this Hawaiian passion fruit loofah lather soap. It so sweet and juicy, just like Hawaiian lilikoi.

Did you know that the loofah is a climbing plant and its distant cousin is the cucumber? It's also the only plant known that can be raised and used as a natural loofah sponge. Each Bubble Shack organic loofah lather contains 100% vegetable glycerin soap and a macadamia nut oil base. Sticking with our vow to use local ingredients whenever possible, our macadamia nut oil is also made in Hawaii.

A power exfoliator, each loofah soap will naturally brush away dry skin for a wonderfully polished glow.

Includes a vine-grown loofah sponge for tropical exfoliation Infusion of Hawaiian macadamia nut oil to sooth and moisturize

No heavy perfumes or alcohols that dry the skin used in the loofah soap, sulfate free, phthalate-free

Ingredients: Vine-grown loofah sponge, vegetable glycerin, Hawaiian macadamia nut oil, natural colorant, Bubble Shack's exclusive fragrance blend of natural and essential oils.

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