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Mind If We Brag

A little Aloha goes into every handmade soap bar and Hawaiian bath and body product we create! Your positive experiences with our Hawaiian beauty products and natural soy candles combined with the satisfaction of knowing each product has been lovingly crafted on the island in a natural and ecologically responsible way are why we do what we do !

Nothing beats a great testimonial and we do love hearing your feedback about our natural soy candles and Hawaiian bath and body products! Do you have a story you want to tell us? All feedback is welcome as we strive to make the best bath and body creations around! Here's what other Bubble Shackers have said about our handmade Hawaiian soap, organic lotions, body washes and soy candles:

"I just wanted to let you know I have been using the Bubble Shack Soaps since 2008. I have not been back or seen my Dermatologist no more injections, since I started using the soaps it has cleared my skin completely healed all the open wounds and life is great ! I won't be without the soaps ever. Thank you again so much. Have a wonderful day."

- JoAnne Surdu 


"I just wanted to say thank you soo much for the order i placed with you! Everything is wonderful and smell heavenly! They will make great christmas presents. Mahalo!!"

- Meredith Kegler, Capac, Michigan 


"Love your products!!! Natural the scents are out of this world!!! The ''Tropical Trio'' makes a great gift, a nice selection of three items. The lotions are very moisturizing and so soothing! I give gifts of Hawaiian soaps, lotions, bath soap for gifts to the girls/women in the family at Christmas. They LOVE them!!!"

- Linda Hudson Tratnik, West Bend, Wisconsin


"Aloha! I am a new customer and have previously ordered the sample pack of Bungalow Glow lotions and one of the loofahs. Needless to say I have fallen in love with the product and REALLY need to order the regular sized products. They have done an awesome job with my eczema unlike any of the numerous products I have tried."

Lisa, Chesapeak, Virginia 


"These smell really good and do not dry out my skin."

- Michelle, Diamond Head  


"I love the all natural ingredients and beautiful colors! My kids have so much fun taking a bath."

- Jenny, Mililani  


"I have been using Bubble Shack soaps for about 4 years now, and I love giving them to my Family and Friends. They make perfect, cute gifts!"

- Anita, Hawaii Kai


"My family uses Bubble Shack soaps all the time! We use them because it's great for my daughter that has Excema. When we used commercial products, her skin would flare up easily and always get dry and itchy. Now that we have switched over to using Bubble Shack products, her excema doesn't bother her as much and has significantly decreased. Our family is addicted!"

- Kathy, Arizona


"Bubble Shack lotions are a great moisturizer! I use it every day and I love that it is light and non-greasy. Also, I'm very heath conscious and am always looking for natural products for use."

- Cee Cee, Washington


"The smell is what got me hooked on this lotion. My absolute favorite is the Pikake Lei! I bought some Bubble Shack lotion for the first time when I was on vacation in Hawaii and it was for my sunburn. Believe me, I was toasty. Anyways, we were walking around the Aloha Stadium swapmeet buying gifts for our family back home and then we came across the Bubble shack booth.There was was a nice young lady who noticed my toastyness and gave me a sample of their Pikake Lei lotion. I just fell in love with it! So I bought some and ever since then, I have been a regular Bubble Shack customer."

- Hanna, Georgia


"Bungalow Glow candles are the bomb! I buy them for my room and it just makes it smell amazing."

- Lindsey, Manoa


"I really like using your candles because they are soy. It's hard to find 100% soy candles that are affordable and Bubble Shack's price is right! Plus the little wooden bowls are cute and reuseable."

- Lisa, Honolulu


"I first found Bubble Shack on my honeymoon in Hawaii and have been ordering it online from Florida ever since (going on five years now!). Love your products! The soaps are the only thing I've found that keeps my sensitive skin from flaring up. Thanks for continuing to produce such a great product."

- Ashley


"I love your products. I keep coming back because you have not only the best products but the best people. You hooked me up with samples when I was serving in Afganistan. Thanks always. Thanks for bringing a little bit of Hawaii back to"

- Spring


"I was in Kona Hawaii for a vacation and bought your products at Costco. Just started using the soap and don't want to get out of the shower. You have amazing products."

- Kim


"Thank you for great, environmentally healthy and body healthy products! They remind us of our blissful trip to the islands. Anyone that smells coconut volcano LOVES it! These products are now a favorite of mine to give as gifts!"

- Robin


"LOVE your products. My husband and I were married in Kauai last year and bought some of the soaps while we were there. He is part of an elite unit deployed overseas and one of the things he requested in his care package was some Bubble Shack loofah soaps and a candle. He said it's hard to feel clean in such a dirty environment but they help. You guys rock. Thank you!"

- Chrissy


"So excited to find you online! We were in Hawaii and bought Bubble Shack lotions at Hilo Hatties and Long Drugs. I just fell in love with Bubble Shack!!! Can't wait to bring more of Hawaii back to Georgia and all my family and friends!"

- Cynthia


"I discover your coconut volcano lotion while on vacation in Kona this winter. Really like it. It helps my psoriasis. Mahalo!

- Susan


"I can't live without my Coconut Volcano lotion! Thank you for making such an amazing products. Also, love the doggie support!"

- Sheila


"Thanks so much, I saw your booth at Costco on Oahu and fell in love with your products!"

- Marcie  


"My daughter says it's the best soap she has ever used and put it as one of the few things on her Christmas list."

- Tamara  


"I love your products! I feel so blessed to be able to use them on my physical body! Mahalo Nui Loa! Lots of Love."

- Renee


"I just returned from Maui after finding your Coconut Volcano body wash (and some others) in Long''s Drugs in Kihei.  What a fabulous product!  I have really sensitive skin and did not even know it was all organic!  I love the product (after one use!) and am excited to look over your site. I will be happy to order more, and they make perfect Christmas gifts!  Thank you for such a great product at a great price!"

- Gina


"THANK YOU!!!!!!!
My daughter has been on prescription meds for her severe dry hands for over a year. Her condition was SO BAD that she had built up callouses on her knuckles that would crack and bleed. We tried everything! Even pounding on the shea butter and wrapping her hands while she slept! We have seen dermatologists and have been dealing with it for over two years but we just can't get her hands to heal! We picked some of this Pink Plumeria Hawaiian Coconut Butter Lotion at Costco yesterday and her knuckles have improved by atleast 60% in just TWO days of using it! I can only belive it will get better from here! I am a determined to make sure EVERYONE knows how great this product is!!!! I am originally from California. Grew up there, and moved all over the US with my husband who is ex-navy, so not only will I tell my friends and family in California about your great products, I will tell all of our friends world wide and my family in central america about you. Hopefully they & others will be as blessed by you as I am! Mahalo :)"

- Lindsay


"Aloha, I will not be selling the body washes I ordered, but will be using them personally.  I orginally purchased two bottles of the washes at our local Kailua Kona Costco in December 2012.  I recently was off island for a month and decided to take one bottle with and used it exclusively.  I have sensitive skin that itches and is red.  I have seen a number of dermatologists over the years and with their suggestions and medications have found no relief.  To my surprise, thankfully, on my month of using your product, Ocean Bliss, the redness and itching was subsiding significantly.  Once back home I returned to my normal routine of assorted washes and the redness and itching returned.  I decided to return to using your products exclusively and once again the itching and redness subsided.  So to make a long story short,  I began to search for your product on island and found it at stores I generally have to make an additional stop to purchase.  Looking on-line I found I could save money and time by ordering an abundance of product.  I just received the email that the product is in transit and am looking forward to continual exclusive use of the assorted fragrances.  As an additional request, selfish I might add, please do not change your formula for the washes in the future.  It works for me!!!!"

- Betty, Mahalo nui loa


"I absolutely love the loofah soap! I use it before shaving my legs and it makes them ridiculously smooth :)." 

- Lindsey


"These lotions, bodywash/bubble bath, and soaps smell amazing dammit I wanna go back to Maui now!!"

- Lisa


"Love these products!! The soaps,awww,such beautiful fragrance!...just bought a whole bunch a stuff!" 

- Melanie


"I purchased some of your products at a Costco Roadshow several months back and absolutely LOVE your soaps! My son is a Lilikoi Lover-  he will put Lilikoi on just about everything he eats (we are lucky enough to have a auntie with a tree in her back yard- who loves to make jelly, syrup and cookies). Needless to say he absolutely loves your Lilikoi Shave Ice soap and I love how it doesn''t sting his eyes or irritate his skin.  Sooooo I was wondering if you folks were heading back to any roadshows here on Oahu or if there is a place near my home (Kapolei) that I could pick up some more soap....I only have about a weeks worth of baths left.  :)" 

"Please try to sell your products in the SF Bay Area Costcos - I know they would fly off the shelves here." 

- Maria


"Looking forward to stocking up on my soaps... last time I think I bought almost $50 worth and we had to get a small suitcase to even get them home! HA! Needless to say, I am a big Bubble Shack fan! My skin is fairly sensitive, and I've always struggled with minor acne on my back because I'll break out when I use anything with harsh chemicals and fillers, but ever since I started using Bubble Shack (especially Awapuhi), it's made the world of difference. Now I don't use anything else! Do you still have any of the Aloha Mr. Grinch soaps? I got one of those last year when we were in Hawaii and loved it." 

- Ashley


"Hi All. I was in Hawaii in June, and picked up some Pikake Lei lotion.  I loved it when I was there, but thought that perhaps I was enamored of that in the same way I was mesmerized by so much of Hawaii.  Turns out it's the best lotion I've ever used, and I want to buy some more.  However, I can't get onto your website or find a way to buy any.  Can you help? Thanks."

- Karen


"LOVE love love the Coconut lotion!"

- Tracy, April

"Hi Holly!! I Absolutely Love Your Work~!~ When I was in Hawaii I Bought Tons of The Juicy Pineapple Scented Soaps & Lotions~!~ It's Like Heaven on Earth!! I heard Some Targets Have Gotten Your Products, are The Targets in Oregon Going to Be So Blessed?? I Hope So!! Everytime I Use, They Feel So Wonderful on My Skin and... Mentally I'm Taken To Heaven!! Thankyou All So Much!! Bubble Shack Rocks~!~ ;0)"

- Amy


"I have been ordering and using your soap for over two years and love it. We got to meet you when you were doing a promotion for the 3-in-1 at an ABC store in Hawaii. I think that might be the best product ever made. :-)"

- Shana


"I love Bubble shack, and i'm so glad I can order from the website even though I live in France. Your products remind me of my holidays in Hawaii, I definitely need them!!! ;-)"

- Severine,


"Aloha from Kapolei, I was first introduced to Bubble Shack soap by KT Haase whom I think does occasional media work for you. I fell in love immediately with your soaps. I have since built up a small collection of soaps and lotions and am working on adding more to my collection gradually. Bubble Shack is in my top 3 favorite bath and body retailers and that is quite an accomplishment considering the sheer number of retailers and etailers that I absolutely love to buy from. I hope that you implement some sort of rewards program in the future as an incentive to your loyal fans. Also, never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising. I have found many a company through this simple, very effective marketing tool and have used it myself to steer friends and family towards outstanding companies I love. Thank you for all of your hard work and highly enjoyable products. P.S. My May 4th birthday gift to myself was the Lilikoi Shave Ice and Epic Nectar body lotions. The Lilkoi Shave Ice "flavor" is absolutely amazing and is my new favorite. I feel like literally nomming my arm off after applying, it smells so good."

- Brandi


"Aloha! First of all I want to give you all possible credits for your outstanding and wonderful products, I remember some years ago when I used them over there my skin just felt alive. And now I can't live without your products anymore! Thank You For The Good and Natural Products You Make! Best Regards."

- Johan, Sweden


"Hi, I just want to say thanks so much for not testing on animals. Many cosmetic companies around the world test products on animals."

"Animals testing can be very painful, and some animals in testing laboratories may have nothing to live for, just a life of captivity, pain, and death. Of course, animal testing can be worth it if the balance between helping humans and animal suffering is balanced, like in some medical animal tests which can save lives (however even they have limits). However, in cosmetic testing, the only result is that the humans can look and smell better, which is just wrong. Animal testing for cosmetics makes the human race seem like cruel monsters. Happily, your company is not like that. Well done, and, again, thanks!"

- Edward

"Hi Holly, I had the pleasure to sample/test some of your products several years ago. I now am editor of a favorite products blog and just wanted to let you know that I posted your product on there! If you happen to have a discount code or anything for the readers I can change my posting to include that. Thank you for such excellent products!"
- Elizabeth


"Hi! I just got my first bubble shack product, the epic nectar lotion and I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work, I'm sure to buy alot more stuff from you guys."

- Karin, Sweden


"Hi Holly, I wish I could pick some soap at my nearest Target here in Florida...until then I will request from you, love your stuff, it IS the best! I was at the surf shop down at Ft Myers and was I surprised to find it there."

- Joyce


"Dear Holly, We love bubble shack soaps, candles and lotions & I understand you have a special holiday sale for the local Hawaii fans. I buy your wonderful products all the time at Target and the swap meet to send as gifts -- they are always a hit. Is it possible to get on your mailing list to find out more? Thanks so much!" 

- Jill


"Hi! I was in Maui in Sept. and I bought some of your Sweet Hawaiian Plumeria body lotion. I LOVE it!! I don't see any on your website, however. Please let me know if there is anywhere I can still find this scent - it is by far my favorite! Your body lotion is fantastic! I've tried literally dozens of brands and Bubble Shack's makes my skin look and feel the best. Thank you for getting back to me - I appreciate it!"

- Kelli


"Dear Holly, Just wanted to let you know that My daughter came home from Hawaii with your Epic Nectar Lotion after trying several of your samples. WE LOVE IT!!!!! We all want more! It has the best scent that we've found so far. My daughter told me how she tried a bunch, and found your Epic Nectar as the BEST!"

- Laurie


"Any plans to bring bubble shack to California?? I'd love to Manage a store. I think it would be a HUGE success in the right place. Say San Francisco or San Diego?? Love your products.... Especially the Candles and Lotion. Keep up the good work!!"

- Ryan


"Dear Bubble Shack Hawaii, I want to congratulate you on your beautiful line of soap products. When I decided to try your brand of soaps and I was glad I trashed the good old Bath & Body Works brand. Your soap products are priced great and make my skin miraculously smooth, fragrant, and great looking. I've been on your web-site a lot in the past months to check on new information, you guys make things pretty simple. I have been so ecstatic about your soap products that I gave some to my gym friends, and school mothers to try. They loved them too and appreciated the fact that they made they made their skin feel great and were affordable. I am going to leave you guys positive feedback on the Eopinions website so that people know where to get a good bath product they can rely on. We love you guys & keep up the great work!"

- Amy


"Aloha Bubble Shack! I am on my last bar of bubble shack soap and I am in a panic. I purchased 9 bars at the aloha stadium swap meet. I gave half of it away as gifts and used the other bars. I absolutely love your products, they make my skin feel great and they smell amazing."

- Abbey


"Ive been using your products since middle part of November. And Wow I have noticed a big difference espically on my face. I have roseca, dry skin, acne, and they all have cleared up. Thank You so much for making such wonderful products. Thank you. Mahalo. All my best."

- Elizabeth


"I just want to say thank you for such wonderful products. We found your booth at the market by accident. The woman who works the booth is GREAT and a wonderful asset to you company. We spent two weeks in Hawaii and visited with her 7 times at the market. Also made a point to visit with her at the downtown pro bowl fair, she sure knows her stuff. Thanks again, and keep making the wonderful products. I dont know the woman's name, but she will know us by the two sisters and daughter. Please tell her hi from us and we will be placing online orders. P.S. Please let her also know we had to purchase another suitcase to bring home all our products."

- Lloya


"I have been going to a dermatology Dr. for two years with all these expensive prescriptions and creams. Thankfully I have prescription coverage , also receiving cortisone shots once a month when the pain got so bad that my hands split open and would peel layers of skin I can't even tell you what the pain was like, I wear white cotten gloves turned inside out because the seams on the gloves hurt next to the skin and surgial gloves for sensitive skin over them. When I have to do cleaning or laundry I wear lined playtex gloves over the top and I can feel the heat from the water they are so sensitive. I was lucky enough not to have it any where else only on my hands and trust me that was bad enough. My sister had bought the body soap and body lotion Hawaiian Waters Ocean Bliss I tried it at first it burned a little at first so I had put it up and the splits in my hands healed a little so I tried it again. It felt like silk on them I also use the body wash. For two years I have been in so much pain and for once it feels good to not have my gloves on 24 / 7. Don't get me wrong the palm of my hands and the pads to the fingertips are still tender put they are healing. I just wanted you to know what your product has done for me. Thank you again so much."

- JoAnne8


"Hi! I bought some of your organic shea butter lotions while I was in Hawaii and I must say they are the best I've ever tried. My skin looks amazing. It is very sensitive and even though I've spent tons of money on other brand name skin products none of them have worked as well as yours. I think it is because your products are organic and don't contain so many chemicals. My dry skin is no more! A side benefit is that my allergies have subsided some! I'm using your lotions as a face moisturizer too! Great products and they smell wonderful!"

- D. Goyer,


"I just wanted to thank you for the soap and soy candles. I lit the two large candles last night. I ordered the different size candles so I could see how one wick versus two wicks worked on the candle. The changes worked great as the boat candle is in my bathroom and smells great. The pikake candle is in the most used bathroom so that smells great. I did not realize that you had multiple size candles. Can't wait to share the soap as well as use them on my dogs and myself. Take care and happy holidays. Your business is very blessed."

- Erika


"Hi there! Your shea butter lotion samples have arrived and are now in my hands. OH MY GOSH! This lotion smells amazing! You really have something here. I opened your box with my future in laws and my their family last night and all the women were going nuts! Good work there!"

- Kim, The Little Black Box


"Last Friday I just came back from Hawaii,I got some handmade soaps as souvenirs. All of my friends were overjoyed and they said they wanted more! So I ordered this time online. I love your soaps."

- Kumiko


"I must say that I first found out about your bath and body products when I visited Hawaii last September and I absolutely fell in love with them. I have never in my life used such an amazing natural soap (and I do look around for many different types of products for my sensitive skin). I won't be able to visit Hawaii again any time soon but at least by being able to order your products I can feel like I'm there for a bit!! I love them, keep up the great work! Thanks a lot."

- Meagan


"I purchased a bar of your Pineapple Hula soap at the Dole Plantation shop while on a 2-wk vacation in September. I LOVE this soap, (and your lovely islands)! I'm looking at your website to purchase more for myself and for gifts but I don't see the Pineapple Hula bar. Is that still available for purchase? Please advise. Thank you!"

- Sara


"Hi i visited your store in Oahu recenlty and totally loved your bath and body products. Unfortunately due to suitcase space I didn't buy as much as I'd have liked- though I will be sure to place an order soon. My question really was you had some lovely soy candles, especially the ones in the flower shaped wooden dishes etc and i was just wondering if you were planning on putting those on your site and if not are they available at all for mail order otherwise I guess I'll be waiting until I return which I'm hoping won't be too many years! Many thanks."

- Ruth


"Just wanted to let you know I love the soaps. I used the Bubble Shack Special and actually lathered up three times because it smelled so good and was relaxing. I have never had a natural soap that has made me feel absolutely clean and baby soft. With the store bought soaps they always feel like you are covered with a film of the soap no matter how hard you wash it off. Oh and there is still a light fresh scent left on my skin maybe because I washed three times but it was so good. I sense the water bills are going to go up. Thanks again!!!!! I LOVE YOUR SOAP and will highly recommend them."

- Tish


"The Polynesian Shampoo Bar is totally awesome. Out here on Tangier the sun, salt, and marsh mud does major damage to our lovely locks (my hair is fried). The Polynesian Shampoo Bar has brought hope back to our tiny island in the form of shiny, smooth and very lovely smelling hair! (not to mention no bottles to take up space in our recyling bin!) We also love the fact that they are sulfate free and there's no animal testing. Thank you, Bubble Shack! Keep the suds coming."

- Abigail


"Hi Holly.... I received my delightful Bubble Shack soaps today....They smell good enough to eat! Maybe I should say some naughty words so I can wash my mouth out with them!! Don't you guys ever go out of business...You will definitely be hearing from me again... Have a good smelling bubbly day...."

- Sharon


"I intended to contact you about how much I love your handmade soap when I finished the first bar. But I haven't finished it yet. In fact, I've barely made a dent in it, and that's after roughly three weeks of use. I don't know what you do differently from other soapmakers but your soap is way better than any I've tried so far. And the smell ~~ truly heavenly. Thanks much for a wonderful product! One very satisfied customer,"

- Terri


"Our weather gets fairly dry here in Alaska at the beginning of fall and to have a soap that makes your skin feel great the whole day through is rare to find here. Your handmade soaps are so awesome that I just wanted to keep bathing over and over just so I could use it! :) My skin feels great and they smell good enough to eat!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't ever shut down your company now that I found you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Lisa


"I'm speechless, I absolutely love these soap scents!! Thank you so much for alleviating this stress from me by providing me with the perfect favor idea!"

- Jennifer, Purchased wedding favors


"Oh my gosh! I can't believe you guys came up with these scents! They're so creative! How cool! I just love Holy Peppermint! soap."

- Eve,


"Hey Holly, I finally got around to using the Stubble Bubble Soap WOW!!! FANTASTIC! My face feels way smooth! It's Crazy!"

- J-Irie