Assorted Loofah Soaps (27 pieces)


This assortment includes 27 pieces of our loofah soaps. These are all take backs/returns from retail stores that carry our products. The packaging on most of these soaps are torn, stained, and/or shrink wrap is not tight on the soaps. There are also some loofah soaps that look as though they were exposed to heat and are slightly melted looking. Also, some may not have any packaging at all and are odd shaped or misshaped. In addition, there could be color spots of different loofah colors on some of the soaps. But.......once the packaging is taken off, these soaps work just as great and smell just as wonderful as our first quality soaps! This is a steal for 27 loofah soaps. If you have an event or party that you need favors for you could easily take the packaging off and put these soaps in a cellophane bag with a ribbon and have an awesome favor for under $3 each!

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