I first began yoga about three years ago, like many, during a less than peaceful time in life. I went with a friend to a very advanced vinyasa style class and even though I considered myself to be very in shape from surfing and other activities, I nearly passed out. I had never sweat like that in my life. I can’t say I loved it that first time and it took some coaxing to get me back there a second time. But….after going three or four more times, I was hooked. I began exploring other types of yoga and classes, bouncing around until I found a practice based loosely on the teachings of Dharma Mitra. I really became addicted to this practice because by this point I was becoming more and more flexible and really liked the athleticism and challenging nature of the practice. But…..as I was not only gaining experience as a practicer of yoga, I was also starting a transformation of my inner self, which had me subconsciously looking for “something more” than just gymnastics in my practice.Read More