Summertime is magical—we plan vacations, enjoy some much-needed downtime, and feel the sun’s rays in a whole new way. That said, our skin care regime needs a bit of seasonal change as well. Here are a few tips to keep that radiant glow:

Stay Hydrated: Not only will drinking plenty of water prevent dehydration, it will also help flush toxins that will certainly show on your skin.

Use Sunscreen Effectively: It goes without saying, but keeping tabs on your sunscreen application is paramount. You should apply it about 30 minutes before heading out and then periodically thereafter.

Bubble Shack and Bungalow Glow lotions also offer a daily sunscreen level of about a 10 due to the natural sun protection in Shea Butter.

Choose the Right Moisturizers: Choose a face and body moisturizer with all natural ingredients to more effectively hydrate your skin. Bubble Shack Hawaii carries the Coconut Butter body lotion and the Hawaiian Silky Lotion with Aloe and Shea, which are free from chemicals and provide ideal moisture.

Exfoliate: Use a sugar scrub or a Bubble Shack Hawaii Loofah Soap to slough off dead skin cells and leave behind a radiant glow.

Eat Right: Choosing fresh foods, like fruits and veggies, and avoid carbonated beverages to help skin stay clear and smooth.

Rethink Your Wardrobe: Choosing clothing that is made from more breathable materials and that fit more loosely will help more air circulate and help keep your skin healthy. Also, investing in a wide-brimmed summer hat will help keep the sun’s harmful rays off your sensitive facial skin.