Bungalow Glow lotions, loofah soaps and soy candles in acacia wood bowls as well as  Bubble Shack Hawaii’s handmade soaps, shea butter lotions and 5 in1 washes can be found on the gorgeous shelves of the Hawaiian Beach and Body boutique in Hanalei on Kauai. This fantastic shop on Aku Road features a collection of unique beach finds and an eclectic selection of body products, hair care products, and more.

Everything you find in Hawaiian Beach and Body has been hand selected to represent Hawaii’s best brands that are made right on the islands. They choose products such as the Bungalow Glow lotions in an array of tropical scents that feature all natural ingredients formulated to work well on those that cannot get enough of the sand and surf.

In addition to Hawaiian lotions, washes, and hair care products, you can also find whimsical and funky beach paraphernalia, like colorful purse pouches, hair ties, beach blankets, and other unique finds.

In addition to the Bubble Shack Hawaiian bath and body products, you can also get reef friendly sunscreen and care products exclusively designed for surfers and water sport professionals. Come find the awesome Bungalow Glow lotion and other authentically Hawaiian products today!