Going green and choosing organic are all the buzz today and many people have noticed that there can be quite a disparity of information available. The most troubling for those of us that genuinely want to do our part to take care of Mother Earth is the companies that attempt to “green wash” labels—that is, making a product seem ocean-friendly, when it may not be.

Choosing brands that are local and reputable is a great first step—you can count on Bubble Shack Hawaii and other responsible companies to create and distribute only products that are truly organic, vegan, and ocean-friendly. Here’s why you can confidently choose our products:

  1. There are no chemical-based antibacterial agents in any of our washes. Check the ingredients! Our formula includes natural antibacterial components that are plant-based.
  2. Petroleum-derived chemicals, particularly BHA and parabens, are not biodegradable and will pollute the ocean. Our use of essential oils and plant-based ingredients are far more ocean-friendly.
  3. Because our products are 100% vegan, you can be assured that no animal products are used and no animal testing is ever done. Period.  Ocean-friendly, organic, earth-friendly, environmentally-responsible…we care about it all!

There’s simply no substitute for Hawaiian bath and body products that are ocean-friendly. It’s not just about finding a product that works well and smells great; it’s about choosing products that align with your lifestyle and principles.