If you’re lucky enough to spend time often, or at least regularly, riding the waves, you are loving life! What you may not love is the damaging affects all that time in the ocean has on your hair. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your time in the water and minimize damage to your hair:

Soak your hair in clean water before heading into the water. This will help alleviate the absorption of the salt water. You may also want to apply a bit of a natural conditioner, particularly one that contains some UV blockers, or some natural oil to provide a natural barrier.  As surprising as it might be, Bubble Shack’s Aloe & Shea Hawaiian Silky Lotions can be used in your hair prior to playing in the ocean.  Just use a light layer in your hair and you’ll love the way your hair feels after you emerge from a day in the sea.

Put your hair in a braid. Not only will this keep long locks tied back and out of the way, this can also help provide physical protection from the salt water and sun.

Try not to over-shampoo your hair—especially with a shampoo that includes sulfates.  Use Bubble Shack’s 5 in1 Ultimate Aloe and Shea Wash to gently shampoo your hair.   Also, employ a weekly deep conditioning treatment, particularly one that is formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils.

Use coconut or kukui nut oil after shampooing.  These oils provide strengthening nutrients and keep hair smooth and shiny.