One big factor in having a youthful appearance is what you put into your body. Choosing the right medications and supplements, in addition to eating well, are critical ways to feel and look great!

Check Your Diet: Even for those that aren’t necessarily counting calories, aiming for a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables, lean white mean, and low mercury seafood will help you look great and feel healthy.

Double Check Your Diet: Try to avoid or eliminate sugar, gluten, and dairy. Choose whole grains, such as quinoa and millet, but enjoy in moderation.

Care for Ailments: Try to take a holistic approach to health. Rather than immediately turning to antibiotics or other contrived medications, opt for Eastern alternatives.  Also consider exploring the world of Ayurvedic health.  Essential oils are an important element of ayurvedic health.  Try our Holy Peppermint! Try our Handmade Soap or our Hawaiian Super Lavender Handmade Soap to reap the benefits of essential oils.

Say No to GMOs: You’re only as beautiful as what you put into your body. GMOs are the polar opposite of natural living; avoid at all costs.

Limit Alcohol:  Alcohol can cause inflammation and also upset the digestive system.  If you must drink, opt for red wine.  In moderation (no more than seven 5oz glasses per week), red wine provides needed antioxidants but in abundance causes dehydration, which eventually causes facial lines.

Take Youthful Eating to Another Level

Now that you have an idea of what you should and should not eat to maintain a youthful appearance and mindset…use this knowledge to try great new restaurants with friends or attend a wine tasting. When you combine these healthy habits with a great new attitude, you’re sure to look as young as you feel!