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Papayas are plentiful in Hawaii and with a recent abundance from our own backyard we got creative and wanted to make something unusual.  Because it turned out so delicious, we’ve decided to share this awesome papaya soup recipe. Enjoy!

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It’s July and that means it’s time to beat the heat!  Here are a few tips to keep both your body and mind nice and cool:

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One big factor in having a youthful appearance is what you put into your body. Choosing the right medications and supplements, in addition to eating well, are critical ways to feel and look great!

Check Your Diet: Even for those that aren’t necessarily counting calories, aiming for a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables, lean white mean, and low mercury seafood will help you look great and feel healthy.

Double Check Your Diet: Try to avoid or eliminate sugar, gluten, and dairy. Choose whole grains, such as quinoa and millet, but enjoy in moderation.

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Summertime is magical—we plan vacations, enjoy some much-needed downtime, and feel the sun’s rays in a whole new way. That said, our skin care regime needs a bit of seasonal change as well. Here are a few tips to keep that radiant glow:

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Staying connected and engaged is one way to set your mind to a more youthful mode! Those that have a fresher approach to everyday life will project a greater radiance in their appearance. Here are some ideas to help you embrace life and a younger you:

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