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I first began yoga about three years ago, like many, during a less than peaceful time in life. I went with a friend to a very advanced vinyasa style class and even though I considered myself to be very in shape from surfing and other activities, I nearly passed out. I had never sweat like that in my life. I can’t say I loved it that first time and it took some coaxing to get me back there a second time. But….after going three or four more times, I was hooked. I began exploring other types of yoga and classes, bouncing around until I found a practice based loosely on the teachings of Dharma Mitra. I really became addicted to this practice because by this point I was becoming more and more flexible and really liked the athleticism and challenging nature of the practice. But… I was not only gaining experience as a practicer of yoga, I was also starting a transformation of my inner self, which had me subconsciously looking for “something more” than just gymnastics in my practice.Read More

Papayas are plentiful in Hawaii and with a recent abundance from our own backyard we got creative and wanted to make something unusual.  Because it turned out so delicious, we’ve decided to share this awesome papaya soup recipe. Enjoy!

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If you’re lucky enough to spend time often, or at least regularly, riding the waves, you are loving life! What you may not love is the damaging affects all that time in the ocean has on your hair. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your time in the water and minimize damage to your hair:

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Going green and choosing organic are all the buzz today and many people have noticed that there can be quite a disparity of information available. The most troubling for those of us that genuinely want to do our part to take care of Mother Earth is the companies that attempt to “green wash” labels—that is, making a product seem ocean-friendly, when it may not be.

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Whether you’re new to our products or an avid fan of these all natural Hawaiian bath and body products, you’re sure to quickly notice and appreciate our commitment to organic and ocean-friendly ingredients. Island dwellers and surfers love our suite of products that use coconut oil, and everyone everywhere can also realize the benefits of using it!

Time for a bit of a science lesson!

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Apr 22, 2014 12:12:00 PM By Admin All-Natural Products

In 2007, we had the unexpected pleasure of meeting our friend Mango. This little friend came to our factory and rested under a mango tree, clearly in need of food and medical attention. After taking the poor pup to an area rescue group, she was healthier, but all hope to find a foster parent was lost. What were we to do, but take her home with us? That’s what we did and it gave us inspiration to create a new product!

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Mar 21, 2014 1:14:00 PM By Admin bungalow woof, natural dog wash, All-Natural Products
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